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Illinois Amish Bedroom Furniture
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There is more to bedrooms than just beds.

Here we have images of many styles of bedroom items that we have built. Dressers, chifferobes, armoires, mule chests, gentlemen's chests, mirrors and more. Some are shop pictures, some from our showroom and some from our customers. Look them over as ideas. If you see the item of your dreams, fine. If you see components such as edges, crown moldings, feet, door or drawer configurations or any other component remember that we can  assist you with designing a unique item to meet your dreams.

Choose your design by blending any of the components or styles here, or send us a copy of something you found eleswhere in print or on the internet that you like or has the features you desire, or give us a call or email with your rough ideas and we can help you get started.

You'll have to select a wood, usually red, white, rustic  or quarter sawn oak, rustic or clear cherry, brown or hard maple, or walnut. Help us to understand the color you wish, either by visiing the store and looking over our samples here, or by sending us a sample that you may have at home... a drawer front or piece of trim that we can match and we can work out the details and get you a cost. 

6 drawer dresser oak8 drawer dresser oak with round morror  
12 drawer dresser oak  
Platform bed with underdrawer and headboard storage  
two tone maple12 drawer dresser mission mirror  
7 drawer chest on chest7 drawer talll boy  
Remember these are just ideas for a starter. We will design a unique one especially for you.